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Hello! I’m MissPond and I love to blog!

3 things you definitely need to know about me:

I have a PhD in Medicine, specialising in Dermatology.

Gin is a food group in my household.

I can’t eat cucumber because it makes me very ill.


I started the blog MissPond back in 2014 out of a need to vent and find some place to be creative during my PhD. However, it’s naturally become my place on the internet for sharing interesting bits of my life. Now my PhD is over I have started enjoying myself a bit more and making the most of life.

3 things you need to know about my blog:

I write about food, a lot. I am proud of my pictures and spend a long time working on recipes.

I write about my life, the things I get up to, the things I like and the things I don’t like.

I have a thing for gin, I write a lot about gin…!


3 things I LOVE:

Tea (milk no sugar thanks!)

Gin (Martin Miller’s, Elderflower Tonic and Pear is a favourite combo!)

My wonderful friends (both online and off!)

3 things I DISLIKE:

Coconut water (just why people?!)


Green tea

Aside from blogging at MissPond, I also enjoy hunting mountains, conquering long distance runs and pretending I’m an olympic weight lifter in the gym. I also run the Manchester Blogger’s Facebook group!

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3 of my favourite blog posts:

My post on the Perfect G&T

Being a bit more candid about my Arthritis in my early days of blogging

Chatting about a lovely and local brunch in Alderly Edge

I have also written for:

Covering events for the Gin Festival’s Blog

Contributing to Visit Manchester with my Top 5 Gin Bars in Manchester

Reviewing subscription boxes for All Subscription Boxes UK

Reviews and Foodie posts for Tasting Britain

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I really do hope you enjoying reading my blog. If you have anymore questions for me you could tweet me or drop me an email!

MissPond x

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