Two Sisters do Dinner at Revolucion de Cuba | Birmingham

April 23, 2018

Just before the Easter Bank Holiday another new eatery opened in Brum. One I’m already on familiar terms with from my time up north. So I was quite excited to see Revolucion de Cuba opening it’s doors a bit further down south!

My sister and I were invited to try out the menu shortly after the opening night, which we also attended. Let’s just say I was hoping this would show off Revolucion de Cuba for what it actually is. The opening launch night was a frenzy and didn’t really leave any impressions of what the place is really like.

Revolucion de Cuba - Pork Tacos


We rocked up on a rainy Thursday and immediately jumped at the cocktail menu. Although as it was Happy Hour everyone else did too. I’m not one to berate happy hours (I enjoy them!) but there was a huge delay in the drinks. We eventually received my Raspberry Mojito and my sister’s Zombie after we had finished our starters. This was a real shame and frustrating as other people who came in after us appeared to get drinks before us. Our waiter apologised but blamed lack of bar staff… I counted 5, hardly lacking right? Anyway, the Raspberry Mojito was made with fresh raspberries, which made it wonderfully zingy, although it needed more muddling. My sister’s Zombie was definitely there to start the night with a kick!

Revolucion de Cuba - Pork Tacos

Revolucion de Cuba - Chicken Quesadilla

Revolucion de Cuba - Meatballs


Our starters were a selection of tapas. I’d definitely agree with the sharing 3 as a starter. Any more and we would’ve been too full for dinner. The Pork Tacos stole the show for me. Pulled pork with pineapple and chilli slices in mini tortillas, delicious. I could’ve had more to be honest. The Chicken Quesadilla was cheesy and just how a quesadilla should be. The Albondigas were ok, to be honest, they were a bit under seasoned for me and I wouldn’t order again.

Revolucion de Cuba - Cuban Cheeseburger

Revolucion de Cuba - Quesadilla Burger


Both of us couldn’t resist picking from the burgers for our mid week meal. Little Pond picked the Cuban Cheeseburger. She said it was rather tasty, not into super spicy things she chose the burger over the jerk option (although you don’t really think of jerk with cuban anyway…). She also picked Sweet Potato Fries to go with. I went with the Quesadilla Burger. This is a burger with mozzarella, hot chilli cheese, spinach, and serrano ham, in a quesadilla topped with pico de gallo. I have to admit, I was disappointed that the hot chilli cheese wasn’t as hot as it could’ve been. I added some extra hot sauce into the mix, which was fine. But it was quite nice not to have a big burger bun (I tend not to eat all of) so the quesadilla worked for me! I also picked the Cuban Cheese Fries to go with, the cheesiness was seriously moreish.

Revolucion de Cuba - Polynesian Punch and Creole Orange Cocktails

After Dinner Cocktails

To finish our dinner, we picked some cocktails over dessert. I went with another Mojito, the Orange Creole. This used spiced rum infused with blood orange to make the mojito and it was wonderfully refreshing and not overly sweet. My sister went with the Polynesian Punch, rum and curaco, with almond, mango and lime. Despite the sweet list of ingredients, it was actually quite refreshing and not overly sweet tasting.


We were disappointed in the service from the bar, it wasn’t ridiculously busy. Waiting until after starters for them was not what we expected. We ordered them before our food, so it took them a good 30mins or so to turn up. Our later cocktails weren’t as speedy either and happy hour was over then. Maybe it’s just staff training… Or Revolucion de Cuba need to reduce their drinks menu a little so staff can cope. However, despite this the cocktails were well made, so I cannot moan about that. The food was good too and it arrived promptly! There was a little under seasoning in places but we enjoyed our meal overall. Hopefully once things settle, the bar will get a little quicker, but food wise they were spot on!

Have you been to Revolucion de Cuba before? Let me know in the comments,


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P.S. We were invited down to check out the food and drinks in return for an honest review. As ever, all words, photos and opinions are my own (and Little Pond’s).

P.P.S. Revolucion de Cuba is located at 8 Temple St, Birmingham B2 5BN.


  • Reply Chloe April 24, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    Shame about the lack of speedy service, but the food does look delish!


    • Reply MissPond April 27, 2018 at 12:27 pm

      The food was pretty good!

  • Reply Sally Akins April 23, 2018 at 9:49 am

    This is definitely on my list of places to try in Brum, so I was really interested to see what you think of it. The food sounds amazing, but the poor service is a bit worrying. Hopefully it’s just one of those things that takes a little while to iron out when a venue first opens – I might leave it a couple more weeks before visiting 😉

    • Reply MissPond April 23, 2018 at 9:51 am

      The food service was absolutely fine – just the bar sadly!

  • Reply Jenny April 23, 2018 at 9:37 am

    I haven’t heard of this place before but some of those dishes sound very tempting. It was a shame the service was so poor as this really affects my feelings about a place. Hopefully it’s something they will sort out.

    • Reply MissPond April 23, 2018 at 9:51 am

      The food service was fine, it was the drinks that they were slow with.

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