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Comfort Food Recipes

Mr W’s Hearty Game Stew | Recipe

Whilst we haven’t had the freezing cold days yet this winter, the rain and miserable grey days call for something comforting for dinner. Mr W made this amazing Game Stew for us the other weekend after a very rainy walk. The joy of this…

December 17, 2015
5 -Ketchup-Creation-Insanity-Burger-MissPond
Comfort Food Recipes

The Insanity Burger | Ketchup Creations

This month I was asked if I thought ketchup was the main ingredient in my house. Now I’m not going to lie here, ketchup is more than a staple in our house, in fact Mr W and I are famed by our friends for our…

November 5, 2015
Comfort Food Tips & Reviews

Save Our Sausage with Paul Rankin!

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to supper with celebrity chef Paul Rankin at the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester. This exciting evening was one in aid of celebrating all things about the humble sausage! Paul is on a mission…

October 19, 2015
Coconut Fish Curry_Miss Pond
Comfort Food Recipes

Coconut Fish Curry | Recipe

Recently I’ve really been trying to ditch pre-made sauces, mainly because of all the nasty stuff added into them. First I learnt how to make a simple stir fry, but now I’m moving on to more intricate sauces. I love thai food and this coconut fish…

February 24, 2015
Cauliflower Cheese_Miss Pond
Comfort Food Recipes

#224 Cauliflower Cheese | Recipe

I saw this recipe on Sunday Brunch last weekend. I’d been craving cauliflower cheese for a while and this just sealed it’s place in this weeks meal plan. I have to admit the original recipe by Gizzi Erksine is slightly altered, I couldn’t get baby cauliflower…

November 22, 2014
Comfort Food Recipes

#189 Cheating at Carbonara

Last night I was craving pasta, a hangover combined with the tiredness from going to an event every night this week meant I needed something comforting to eat. Plus Mr W is away, so warm and comfy is a must! I made this up…

October 4, 2014
Comfort Food Recipes

#186 One Pot Moroccan Chicken

It’s safe to say it’s officially autumn, well in Manchester anyway. We may still have bright sunny days, but our evenings are just that bit cooler now. This means my meal planning has quickly had to change to reflect this and I think this…

September 29, 2014
Comfort Food Recipes

#91 Creamy Smoked Salmon Penne | Recipe

Nothing beats cooking a pasta dish on a rainy day. Pasta just has that comfort that other carbs just can’t offer… Well maybe mashed potato. But tonight was a pasta night. With lots of smoked salmon left over from the weekend (we were very…

April 23, 2014