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On Happiness… A Life Update

How do we measure happiness? For someone who’s battled with their mental health for years, I find seeing and ‘calculating’ my happiness a bit difficult sometimes. I think it’s easy to draw comparisons to someone else’s “happiness” in this day and age. Those perfect…

October 11, 2017
Happy Things 4

5 Happy Things #4

Another fortnight flies past and here I am with a another 5 Happy Things. I’ve had a very busy fortnight and have done many things, so this list was rather hard to conjure up! As usual a mix of food, drinks and fun times…

April 4, 2016

5 Happy Things #2

So I am back again with some more happy things. As life has changed considerably for me this weekend, I need to remind myself of reasons to be happy! Mr W has moved down south for a job, long distance is going to be…

March 7, 2016