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How I Got Motivated To Run Again | Running

As I’ve discussed previously, last year I really had a hit and miss relationship with running. I struggled to get into a routine. But recently I’ve been getting back into it, slowly but surely I’ve been picking my mileage up. So how did I…

May 9, 2018
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Health & Fitness

3 Minute Belly Blitz by Charlotte Crosby | Review

Despite my recent 10k race I haven’t actually been running much. Not only has the weather been naff, but commuting to my new office has taken up a lot of time, leaving me a bit stressed about my fitness levels. So when I was approached…

March 19, 2015
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Training Plan | February

As I explained in my post here, I have a mega number of races planned this year. Whilst I am not one for taking time all too seriously, sprinting isn’t a skill I own and whatever oompf I did have my arthritis has cruelly snatched this…

January 30, 2015