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On Happiness… A Life Update

How do we measure happiness? For someone who’s battled with their mental health for years, I find seeing and ‘calculating’ my happiness a bit difficult sometimes. I think it’s easy to draw comparisons to someone else’s “happiness” in this day and age. Those perfect…

October 11, 2017
Life Lately - Brum Bloggers

An August Update | Life Lately…

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to update you all on life! As usual it’s a busy one for me… Somehow Dr W and have booked our weekends solidly until the end of September. Madness. But we do have lots of…

August 9, 2017
Goodbye 2016

Celebrating the Positives | Goodbye 2016

I wasn’t going to write one of these at all, and given my mini breakdown over all things blogging, I wasn’t even sure if I’d even start again, this year or next….  Then I remembered, after reading a few 2016 round up posts for…

December 31, 2016

5 Happy Things #16

This week’s 5 Happy Things may as well be renamed to 5 times I ate what I wanted and bloody well enjoyed it. I must admit I’m tiring of this slim down for Christmas BS everywhere at the moment. Slimming down over Christmas just…

December 7, 2016
How to survive a long distance relationship

Six Tips For Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

I was sorting out my scrapbook of Manchester the other weekend before moving, when I thought about how things had been for us in the last few months. It led me to write this post to share my tips for surviving a long distance…

June 22, 2016

The One Where I Talk About Leaving Manchester…

So I’ve discussed it on Twitter, Snapchat and those lucky ones of you who are friends with me on Facebook definitely know…. In 23 days I will be starting my next chapter down south in Worcester. The good news is yes, I know Worcester already, so I’m…

June 1, 2016

Friday Night In…

So you may have noticed from my posts that I have been doing Blog Every Day in November. I was using it as a way to catch up with all my delayed blog posts, but I thought today I would follow the prompt given.…

November 6, 2015

A Very Surreal Week…

Last week was pretty mad, I finished up my long battle with my PhD, so obviously I made quite a bit of a party out of it… My birthday was rubbish this year, thanks to PhD stuff. So I really was excited to celebrate the…

November 4, 2015
Project 365 Header

Days 121- 132 #MissPond365 | 365 Project

As usual I’m so busy and my #365 Project feed is buzzing. I’m a little behind in my round up blogs so it’s been good to look back at what I’ve been up to earlier on in May. May was definitely a busy month for me,…

June 3, 2015
Christmas Nails Barry M_Miss Pond
Christmas Fashion & Beauty Nail Varnish

#22 Christmas Plans | #Blogmas

Today Mr W and I are off down to London for Christmas with his family, before heading back up to my parent’s on Boxing Day for some post-festivities relaxation. It’ll be quite a different Christmas for me this year, but it’ll be lovely to…

December 22, 2014