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Happy Things - Hand Made Fair Preview

5 Happy Things #21

Oooh it’s been a while since one of my happy posts has gone live hasn’t it?! Work has been manic and weekend plans have gotten in the way of penning these posts. It’s a little bit sad because I love writing these posts. It’s great…

March 22, 2017
MissPond 365

Days 73-84 | 365 Project

Welcome to another 365 Project update. I’ve been incredibly busy recently, with work and also at home. We’ve had to sort out a number of house things and I’m super busy trying to finish my Girl Guiding leadership qualification. This is a round up of…

April 8, 2015
Post Circle_Paper_Miss Pond

An Obsession with Paper

For anyone that follows me on Instagram will know I have an obsession with stationery (especially pretty note paper) and I love Snail Mail. Recently joined a pen pal group so I could boost my snail mail happenings 🙂 I did have several pen pals through school…

April 2, 2015

#32 Snail Mail

Nothing beats a bit of snail mail in my opinion! This weekend I went a bit mad and spent a fortune on cards in Paperchase. With a number of birthdays and events coming up I love to make sure I pick out wonderful cards…

February 10, 2014