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Five Ways to Keep Motivated | 10k Training Update

So a couple of months back I wrote about how I got motivated to start running again. You’ll be pleased to know a few months on, I am still running. So today I thought I’d share Five Ways to Keep Motivated with your training.…

July 31, 2018
5 Happy Things - Couch to 5k with BoohooFIT
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Boohoo Fit and the C25K | Training

Now I must admit, I’ve been a bit rubbish on the exercise front of late. Things have been so busy! But Boohoo have tried to tempt me back into running by sending me some wicked BoohooFIT workout gear to get me going. I’m a…

September 26, 2016
Manchester Running

How to Run in the Dark

The clocks went back and the nights have gotten very dark already, so this means not only do you need to make sure you’re ready to run in the dark, the annual Run in the Dark Manchester race is almost upon us too! To…

November 3, 2015
Race Schedule_Great Run Local_Miss Pond

Training Plan | February

As I explained in my post here, I have a mega number of races planned this year. Whilst I am not one for taking time all too seriously, sprinting isn’t a skill I own and whatever oompf I did have my arthritis has cruelly snatched this…

January 30, 2015
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#115 Running Tracks

This week I discovered that the 10k race I’m running on Sunday is a ‘no headphones’ race. This is going to be hard work considering I use my running playlists to hide my brain from the thoughts of how much I a) hate the…

May 28, 2014
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#110 My Running Manifesto

Run Dem Crew are a running group based in LDN that encourages their younger members to write a running manifesto to help motivate them in their training. Whilst I don’t train with RDC, I think their idea of having a manifesto is fantastic and can be useful to…

May 20, 2014
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#87 Run Rabbit Run

As I said yesterday I’ve upped my running to 3 times a week (starting last week). This was something I was a bit worried about at first, mainly due to all the arthritis meds I’ve been rammed full of this last month or so and…

April 16, 2014