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#23 Home Sweet Home

February 1, 2014


Today started the best way, a lie in followed by a full English cooked by Mr W. However, he has since left me alone for a camping trip (yes he is mad- the weather is awful) so I’ve had a bit of time to do some ‘me stuff’ today. First of all though, I had to go to the Apple store to see about getting my very unwell MacBook fixed. This was a stressful experience as I’ve had to hand my baby over. It is my relatively new laptop and my thesis laptop, so I was very twitchy. Luckily they will be fixing it for free as it’s not my fault that it broke and I have Apple Care- phew!

To calm down post-Apple store I went shopping; I got some lovely nail varnish, jeans and splashed out on some bubble bath from Lush. There’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy every so often!

By this point I was starving, so I met up with a good friend at my favourite tea/cake/lunch place, Home Sweet Home in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I wolfed down my loaded fries and chilli very quickly, a wonderful lunch for such a cold day! Copious tea was also consumed and we shared a monster piece of cream soda chocolate cake. Yum!

I’ve since dragged my very full self home and am now relaxing in preparation for tomorrow’s very wintery hike in the lakes. Wish me luck- snow, white outs and lightening is forecast!


MissPond x

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