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Race for Life Pretty Muddy | Guest Post

July 16, 2015

This year sees another mighty year for Race for Life, with the launch of Pretty Muddy last year, this year promised to be bigger and better. Now sadly due to my health I was unable to take part in the end, so I will hand you over to Dr C who will tell all about Race for Life’s Pretty Muddy at Heaton Park.

4_Pretty Muddy 2015_MissPond 6_Pretty Muddy 2015_MissPond 5_Pretty Muddy 2015_MissPond 3_Pretty Muddy 2015_MissPond

So Miss Pond and I (Dr C, hiya!), have committed to run a silly number of races this year and one that really appealed for the silly factor was the Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5k – a kind of “girly” version of Tough Mudder. Unfortunately Miss Pond couldn’t join me, so I luckily managed to rope in one of the lovely girls from work to take her place (who just so happens to have the same name as Miss Pond!)

I approached this race with a certain amount of apprehension, mainly due to the race information not detailing a bag drop (not brilliant when you’re expecting to be covered in mud!) and an inbuilt fear of actually getting muddy. The Race for Life webpage did later detail a bag drop, which we didn’t have to make use of in the end as luckily one of our friends had agreed to came along and hold our bags and cheered/laughed at us.

The race. I’ve learned that 5k is really not my favourite distance, and throwing in the obstacles made the running of it feel particularly hard (harder in fact than the We Love MCR 10k the next day). What it was however, was a whole lot of fun! I think in all there were around 10 obstacles, none of which were too taxing, including pipes to crawl through, nets to scramble over, tyres to run through and a big muddy slide at the end to name but a few. At each of the obstacles there were volunteers making sure you navigated them safely and some over zealous people with water pistols to up the mud factor. Although we did have a lot of fun, I did have a few small issue with the event. The mass warm up was as ever toe-curlingly cringey, the route itself wasn’t very well marked at certain points and there was a lack of mud, with most of the mud on me coming from a volunteer dumping a bucket of mud over me at the second to last obstacle.

2_Pretty Muddy 2015_MissPond

In all, it was a really fun day out for a fantastic cause and one that I would take part in again. There are even rumblings in my office of putting a team together for next years Tough Mudder!

Fancy taking part? There’s still time, check out the website for availability for Race for Life and Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5k.


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P.S. My place in the Pretty Muddy was paid for by Scottish Power, I passed this on as I did not want it to go to waste! Dr C kindly wrote about her experience for me 🙂


  • Reply sabina sher July 16, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    Well done on completing it! I can’t walk up stairs without needing to stop for breath so really, well done!

    I looks like you went to Glastonbury, haha!

    I look forward to hearing about the other races you take part in x

    • Reply MissPond July 17, 2015 at 6:04 am

      Thank you 🙂

  • Reply Holly at RockOnHolly July 16, 2015 at 11:20 am

    Oh wow! That inflatable slide looks AMAZING! Haha! I can imagine this is a lot of fun 🙂

    • Reply MissPond July 16, 2015 at 12:11 pm

      I know right?! I’m gutted I couldn’t do it in the end! Hopefully next year x

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