MissPond | About Dr C

About Me – Hello I’m Dr C although my real name is Michelle and I guest blog for MissPond quite a lot!

I’m a Glasgow girl, living in Leeds who had a brief but wonderful spell in Manchester –it is where I met MissPond after all!

By day I’m a research scientist, putting my PhD to use in the Immunology field – solving problems one test tube at a time.

By night and weekend I’m a gin and beer loving, wanderlusting adventure seeker.

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5 things you should know about me:

  • I live in dresses, I even climbed Ben Lomond in one

  • I probably couldn’t live without coffee

  • The Scottish Highlands hold the biggest place in my heart

  • I get itchy feet when I don’t travel for a while

  • I’m a complete Meredith Grey

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