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Hi everyone! I’m Ms M (or Min) and I guest blog for MissPond quite a lot!

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Originally, I’m a proper country girl from Norfolk but after moving up to Manchester for uni and finding a fella up here (Mr C), I’m most of the way there to being a city convert!

Ms M About

By day, I’m a Northern Quarter dwelling market researcher, by night I’m a gin-swilling, Netflix-binger who loves going out and finding new restaurants. I’m also a fairly keen hiker and totally obsessed with cats (No… I’ve never visited the Cat Café Manchester during a lunch break when in real need of seeing some beautiful felines…)

Ms M and Mr C

So, what should you know about me?


I have many “gincidents”… Seriously, I have bottles in at least half the rooms in my house.

I am a strong believer that tea really does solve most things (emotionally anyway – Yorkshire with a drop of milk please!)

My favourite place in the world is Kauai – it’s the only place I’ve ever been that it’s pained me to get on the plane to come home.

I have grade 8 in piano and clarinet (not that I’ve played them properly in far too long) and I *can* play the accordion.

Dungarees are awesome!

Did I mention that I like gin? I can definitely blame Miss Pond for that one!

Oh, and this is Atticus, my fat, ginger moggy!


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