MissPond | About Ms S

Hello, I’m Ms S (aka Sarah) and I’ve recently started guest blogging for Miss Pond!

I’m a Barnsley lass living in London, and for the most part I’ve embraced capital city life (though I’ll NEVER lose my Yorkshire accent.)

By day

I work in PR for a animal welfare charity by day, and usually can be found reading or writing about Harry Potter at night. I’m also a big fan of red wine, feta cheese and going to the theatre (my ideal evening out combines all three!)

I talk too much on twitter– come say hi! I post pretty things on instagram – come see! I also write my own blog!

Five bonus things about me:

– I’m the eighth Weasley kid

– I started running recently and it’s my new fave thing ever

– I have two gerbils called Brother and Oats, and if you get the reference, we can be friends

– I thrive surrounded by colour and clutter, and dress like a kids TV presenter from the 90’s

– I want to be Julie Walters when I grow up

^ Yes that’s me and Miss Pond messing around in Tiger! ^

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