XO Supper Club at Mr Nobody Review | Leeds

July 26, 2017

Earlier this month Dr C got invited along to the XO Supper Club and their second pop up tasting event at Mr Nobody Leeds. Knowing the chef has previously worked at Noma, she was excited for this Asian inspired foodie event!

Over to Dr C….

I rocked up to Mr Nobody on a beautiful Sunday evening. A little more sun burnt than I intended to be but ready for the evening. I grabbed an Aperol spritz as I was feeling parched from a day in the sun and needed something refreshing and took my seat.

XO Supper Club - Cheeseburger Spring Roll

The first course of the menu was the much-lauded cheeseburger spring roll. Served in an unassuming takeaway box, it certainly doesn’t lend itself to being photographed, but the taste. Oh my, the taste. These were incredible. Whilst the flavour was completely all American cheeseburger, I loved the Asian twist of having it in a crispy spring roll wrapper. I could easily eat a giant portion of these!

XO Supper Club - Second Courses

Next up we had poshest cheese toastie I think I’ve ever had. Wonderfully spiced Thai chicken, with mozzarella and kaffir lime. Not a combination I thought would have ever worked, but wow, it seriously did.

Next up was a surprise addition to the menu, broccoli with black beans and a panko breadcrumb coating. Now, I generally find it pretty hard to get excited about broccoli, but trust me, having it this way was enough to get me excited.

XO Supper Club - Tentacles

For me the standout course was the one I was dreading the most – the salt and pepper octopus. I find the tentactle really freaky, but in the name of a review I though I would give it a go. I AM SO HAPPY I DID!! The flavour was fantastic, and the texture was something I was not expecting at all. Crunchy on the inside and so tender on the inside, not at all like the rubbery experiences I’ve had before. Kudos on this on XO supper club – you’ve made a convert out of me.

XO Supper Club - Sh*t Ramen

This was followed up with the S**t ramen, which I can categorically say was not s**t! Perfectly seasoned and with my favourite addition of soft poached egg in there. Delicious.

XO Supper Club - Pork Belly

Then we had the other savoury stand out dish of the night. The Bo-ssam. Slow cooked spiced belly pork served with hoisin sauce, Kimchi, spring onions all to be gobbled up in lettuce leaves. I love the idea of having it on lettuce leaves, it makes a dish that could end up being heavy incredibly light. Maybe a little messy to eat, but that’s half the fun, right?

XO Supper Club - Hangover Cone

And finally to the dessert – The Hangover Cone. I have to admit that I was straight up skeptical about this dish – salted crisps, ice cream, brownies, pretzels, dulche de leche and ice cream served in an ice cream cone? What madness is this? Whatever madness it is, I’m happy to be proved wrong when something tastes as incredible as this.

Overall I had a superb evening and tried some wonderful food. XO certainly know how to put on an event! Be sure to follow them on Instagram @xosupperclub for details of their next pop up menu tasting evening – I’d highly recommend it! Have you been to a pop up before? What would you want to try? Let me know in the comments,


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P.S. Apologies for the quality of the photos, the light wasn’t brilliant. My meal was paid for by XO Supper club, drinks were paid for by her, and all views are her own.

P.P.S. Mr Nobody is located at 163 Lower Briggate, Leeds LS1 6LY.


  • Reply Hannah Shaw July 27, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Wow… my mouth was watering reading this and I read it whilst eating my own lunch… safe to say I would much rather be eating the hangover cone than my beef stir fry!!

  • Reply Sarah Irving | The Urban Wanderer July 26, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    What a crazy menu! I love it! Ooh, the broccoli sounds right up my street, I might have to give it a go homemade stylee.

  • Reply Claire July 26, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    Oh my goodness, this all looks fabulous!

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