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#PressforGin with Brockmans Gin | Manchester

November 28, 2017

Brockmans Gin tagline is ‘A Gin Like No Other.’ After reading the invite for the #PressForGin evening, it sounded like it was going to be a night like no other!

Over to Dr C who covered this wonderful event for me… This pop up evening by Brockmans Gin was to be hosted at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, a great space I’d been eager visit for a while. So I jumped on a train over the Pennines and got ready to be wowed by all that Brockmans had in store.

Brockmans Gin Press For Gin Eevnt Menu and Handcuffs

On arrival I was handed a masquerade mask and my first drink of the evening. The Brockmans Perfect Serve. Brockmans with tonic, garnished with blueberries and grapefruit. A great and simple way to kick off the evening. I found my table and settled in curious about what to expect next…

Brockmans Gin Off the Cuff Cocktail with Handcuff Key

Foie gras and chicken presse served with a blackberry and gin chutney

What happened next I definitely didn’t expect… We were all handcuffed by the waiters! Definitely not a turn I was expecting for the evening! It all became clear when I read the menu and our second drink arrived after we took the plunge and pressed our #PressForGin button. The cocktail was called Off The Cuff and came with tiny keys to free us from our handcuffs. The cocktail itself was a take on a gin sour, with hints of blueberry to pick up on the Brockmans botanicals. (Don’t tell, but I might’ve had two!) Thankfully at the point our first food dish arrived. Foie gras and chicken presse served with a blackberry and gin chutney. Honestly, I could’ve continued to eat this all evening!

Brockmans Gin Make Your Own Cocktail Kit

Next up on the cocktail list was Bartenders Holiday where we had to put together our own cocktail from apothecary style bottles. I like to think of myself as an amateur mixologist, so I loved getting stuck in with this. Plus it tasted delicious!

Licquorice Brockmans Gin Cured Salmon

beetroot panier served with gin and tonic gel

More food followed, first liquourice gin cured salmon (AMAZING!) and then a beetroot panier served with gin and tonic gel. Now, I’m not quite sure what a panier is, but I can tell you that it tasted wonderful. Our last savoury dish of the evening was a blini with smashed avocado and yuzu caviar. This was a kind of very posh version of avocado toast!

Brockmans Gin Sherbert Cocktail in Prosecco Glass

Our final full cocktail of the evening was It’s A Sher-Bet. A deliciously sweet concoction of gin, ginger liquor, vanilla vodka and cherry liquor. Maybe not my normal style of cocktail, but it was certainly fun. But this wasn’t where the fun ended! Brockmans pulled out the stops and went full science spectacular to wow us with dessert. There was liquid nitrogen ice cream and sorbet, smoking meringues and molecular gastronomy type orange gin jelly shots. A completely over the top and wonderful way to end the evening!

Brockmans Gin Liquid Nitrogen Icecream

As if the amazing food and drinks hadn’t been enough, all evening we were treated to some very cool entertainment. We had a sword swallower, which was amazing yet terrifying. A contortionist making a perfect cocktail inside a tiny box. A gif machine where you could make your own little gif, I made so many! Design your own tote bag – I’ve been proudly carrying mine everywhere since. And finally, we had a singer all evening who was taking requests via twitter. I loved this and sang along awfully every time one of my requests was picked.

Full of gin and lovely food we were handed a little good bag as we left. These were filled with a yummy biscuit, a premade negroni cocktail and a Brockmans copa glass. A fantastic end to a brilliant evening. I had a fantastic time at the Brockmans #PressForGin, and after seeing the events they’ve run in London and Glasgow I’ll be keeping an eye out for any others in the future!

Have you tried Brockmans Gin? Would you check out one of their events? Let me know in the comments,


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P.S. Dr C was invited to the Press for Gin event by Brockmans. As ever all words, photos and opinions are her own.

P.P.S. Also please check out my recipe for Brockmans Gin Stew.


  • Reply Kate | Veggie Desserts November 29, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    You had me at blackberry and gin chutney! What an amazing night.

  • Reply Mellissa Williams November 29, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    Wow that food is so beautiful. How glamorous was this event. I love the fact you created your own cocktail, and that you were handcuffed! I hope they are coming to Cardiff as I would love to work with them 🙂

  • Reply Linda Hobbis November 29, 2017 at 10:52 am

    What a stylish event. The food and drink looked beautiful. Not sure about the slightly s&m touch though 😉 Not tried Brockmans Gin – loads of others though! I’ll look out for it.

  • Reply Old Fashioned Susie (@OldFashionedSus) November 29, 2017 at 7:14 am

    I saw a lot of coverage of this event on Instagram, it looked incredible! Must try that gin too

  • Reply Donna November 28, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    What an amazing press night this looked – certainly a lot of thought went into entertaining their guests. I’ve yet to try Brockmans and hadn’t heard of it before, but now I’m intrigued. Well done, Dr C! Great read!

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